Hello everybody! It took us a while, but APEX: Collected Edition is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Thank you for being patient, giving us feedback, and sticking with us while we sorted out all the details to give this the biggest chance of success as possible. We appreciate...

APEX to Launch January 7th!

Hello everybody! We're well aware that we've had multiple announcements for the launch of APEX: The Collected Edition on Kickstarter and apologize for that. We were excited about getting the game back out there and we made announcements prematurely. To that end, I...

Fox & Willow Acquired by Outland Entertainment

Fox & Willow, an online grim fairytale series, has been acquired by Outland Entertainment. Written by Allison Pang and illustrated by Irma ‘Aimo’ Ahmed, Fox & Willow debuted in April 2012 and has maintained a strong fanbase ever since. Following the runaway princess, Willow, and her mischievous fox spirit companion, Gideon, the overarching plot…

APEX Kickstarter Launch Date Revisited

Hello everybody! I know that we announced the hard launch date for the Kickstarter for APEX: Collected Edition yesterday. When we announced that, we felt pretty sure we were ready to roll, but we had a significant amount of feedback on the campaign. Because of how the...

APEX Kickstarter Launch Date!

Okay folks! We finally have news. We're planning to launch the APEX: Collected Edition on Tuesday, December 10th. Here's a preview of the campaign that you can check out before launch!...

Final 20 Hours of The Jötunn War Issue 02 Kickstarter!

The Jötunn War Issue 02 just reached it's primary funding goal on Kickstarter! We're now at the final 20 hours of the campaign and we're hoping to raise funds for issue three! Thank you all so much for your continued support! The Jötunn War is a FOUR ISSUE graphic...

Apex Kickstarter Update

Hello everybody! A quick update on the status of the upcoming Apex Theropod: Deckbuilding Game Collected Edition Kickstarter. We had expected to launch the Kickstarter last week, but it took a little longer than we anticipated to get all the details in from the...

Outland Stock Art on Patreon

Hello folks! We just launched a stock art initiative on Patreon! Outland Entertainment has provided thousands of images to publishers over the years, ranging from black/white quarter page illustration to full color covers, interior artwork, and graphic design. Over...

Outland Entertainment Partners with KickCTRL

Hello folks! I know that things have been a bit quiet most of the last year, but things have been grinding along! We've been looking into ways to correct some of our past mistakes, namely, the extreme mismanagement of our crowdfunding campaigns. We KNOW we have really...

Apex Theropod Collected Edition Kickstarter

Hello everybody! We just wanted to share the news that the Apex Theropod: Deck Building Game will be launching on Kickstarter next week. Right now, we're planning to call this the "Collected Edition." This version of the game includes a new box with all new box...


A blighted world is ruled by a beautiful queen, who sacrifices children to keep her youth. When a prophesied chosen one comes through a demongate from Earth, he succeeds in bringing water back to the desert wastes, giving the world a chance for new life. A wizard ally uses his skills to help find a way for the chosen one and his friends to return to Earth. A dark portal fantasy featuring a snarky

Badger: A dark skinned warrior who wears cornrows, he is determined to bring the chosen one to safety, hoping to save the world. His unfamiliarity with Earth slang and his snarky attitude provide humor, and his badass skills help him aid the chosen one in saving the world.

Griswald: A banished wizard, who believed he was bringing hope to the queen to explain a savior was coming and would save the children. He has sent Badger to bring the prophecy to completion.

Kai: Griswald’s young servant.

Queen Ahranel: The ruler, whose wizard keeps her young and beautiful through sacrificing children. All the adults in her kingdom were killed by a plague; only those who use magic and sacrifice have survived.

Gramaldy: An obese wizard who uses his magic to drink the life of children, keeping the queen young and beautiful. Though he is eaten by a Cappasiguard, his machinations cannot be stopped by a single death.

Gennin: A dance instructor of a troupe of boys. She and one of the dancers are transported to a different world during a storm at sea. (Possibly of Asian descent)

David Patrick: At first thought to be the only survivor of Gennin’s dance troupe, who arrives with her in a different world. Badger rescues him as the chosen one. When David and Badger go to rescue Gennin, they inadvertently free the waters beneath the desert, bringing new life to the planet and fulfilling a prophecy. Eventually, he becomes a gate master, able to open the demongates at will.

Vic: A sailor who tried to save Gennin and the dancers, and who was transported with David and Gennin.

Mark: A member of Gennin’s dance troupe. (Blond.)

Carl: A member of Gennin’s dance troupe. (Asian descent)

Cappasiguard: Whale-like creatures that may have intelligence. One kills Grimaldy to save David, Gennin, and Badger.

Mr. Dark: A black-hatted villain of a gate master.