Deadlands: Cackler

This is THE STORY of how Deadlands came to be...and the obvious place to start was with THE STORY of Raven!

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Deadlands: The Cackler is a four-issue collection that reveals the secret past of one of the main Deadlands' villains! 

Written by Shane Lacy Hensley, Art by Bart Sears!


Shane Lacy Hensley - Author
Shane Lacy Hensley is an author, game designer, and CEO of Pinnacle Entertainment Group and is a resident of Gilbert, Arizona.

Bart Sears - Illustrator
Bart Whitman Sears is an American comics artist, toy and packaging designer and author, known for his work on such books as Justice League Europe, Legends of the Dark Knight, X-O Manowar, Turok, Violator, The Helm, and The Masters.