Autumn-Tide 5E Compatible Adventure Setting

Choose Your Option: Vol. 01 - Balefire & Brambles

Vol. 01 - Balefire & Brambles
Vol. 02 - The Sun at the Center of the World
Vol. 03 - The Queen of the Crossroads
Vol. 04 - Legacy & Loss
The Elven Lords believe they are eternal, and maybe they are, but the lands they call home are not immune to the touch of entropy, and they are slowly fading. With every elven ritual done in the name of the Silver Kings, every magical rite performed to sustain the warding walls that protect the library towers of high magic, every birth of a new alabaster haired child of the fair-folk, the lifeforce of the world around them drains. The Autumn-Tide Forests and their surrounding foothills have stagnated in a season of harvest that has lasted nearly 300 years. The leaves grow in shades of oranges and golds, summer fruits no longer grow under natural conditions, and the sun’s time in the sky is fleeting compared to other places in the world. While winter seems to never come, the faint feeling of a looming frost fills those attuned to such things with a craving of something new and the sense that the last sunsets are just over the horizon.