Outland Entertainment Releases The Wolf’s Name by Raelyn Teague

Outland Entertainment Releases The Wolf’s Name by Raelyn Teague

Outland Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of Raelyn’s Teague’s debut novel The Wolf’s Name.

When Matilda’s brother Nathaniel dies, she’s convinced it’s murder, and she won’t be satisfied until she brings his killer to justice.

But her mother’s death weighs heavily, and her father’s decision to abandon his family and join the Fenians has brought them nothing but shame. Matilda’s siblings want her to let their brother go, and the man she thinks she might love, once her brother’s best friend, wants her to look to the future.

When she saves the life of the one person who might have answers, he won’t say a word to her—because he believes he’s a wolf. As her attachment to him grows, she realizes that there is more at work.

The Wolf’s Name
by Raelyn Teague

Set in western Canada during the 1880s reminiscent of the pastoral settings of Anne of Green Gables, The Wolf’s Name is a tale of the perils of revenge—and the dangers of magic.

Get your copy of The Wolf’s Name in digital or paperback.

In promotions for The Wolf’s Name, author Raelyn Teague has created a beautiful web-companion from the perspective of Matilda’s younger sister, Olive. Check out “Memories for Matilda” on Teague’s blog or YouTube.

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