Hopeless, Maine Book 2 Launches on Kickstarter

Hopeless, Maine Book 2 Launches on Kickstarter

The long anticipated second graphic novel in the World of Hopeless, Maine has now launched on Kickstarter!

Welcome to Hopeless, Maine.

It is a place cut off from the rest of the world and lost in time. Strange things swim in the sea surrounding the island. Things even stranger float in the air and observe the lives of the island inhabitants, who may in fact be the strangest creatures of all.

Into this setting comes Salamandra, a child who is not a child, and a user of great magic who is not a witch. (She insists on this distinction.)

Follow Salamandra through her journey in the second book of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novel series.

Hopeless, Maine Vol 2:
by Tom & Nimue Brown

Help fund this project and get your preorder here!

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While you’re waiting for the Kickstarter to fund and bring Book 2 into reality, check out these other titles in the Hopeless, Maine World:

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