Monsterwood Book 3: Annihilation


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Destruction spills out of the city.

The Zumari, fearless and loyal fighters to the Regent, seek to return his niece, Jocosta, and punish those who have sheltered her in Monsterwood. Their orders are simple: burn Monsterwood to the ground.

As the young Jovis and Jocasta ready a small army of rebels to unseat the Regent, they must overcome the physical and mental challenges they face. Monsterwood is an unforgiving school, and the Zumari are the fiercest fighters in the land.

The road to the city is hard and strewn with the bodies of those slain by the Zumari. The rebels bear witness to this destruction as they make their way to their final destination: Revolution.

The Regent plots from his throne, secretly guided by his spectral council, as he awaits the arrival of a mysterious and deadly stranger, known only as the Northman, a warrior whose only joy comes from killing.

Jovis and Jocasta must lead the rebels to the city, for a battle is coming, and not all those who enter will survive.