Kinterlands: Siege Command Expansion • Conclave Wars


Capture and hold the turrets in each of the four lanes to destroy your opponent’s walls. Secretly prepare units and spells during the simultaneous planning phase. Then adapt your strategy while taking turns resolving cards in the action phase.

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Creator: Ryan Collins
Category: Card Game (Expansion)
Age Range: 12+
Play Time: 45-60 min
Player Count: 2 players
Vibes: MOBA, Tower Defense, 2-player strategy, quick gameplay, expandable content, endless replayability

In Short: This expansion introduces asymmetry to Siege Command by adding 3 new Tribes with new unique mechanics and spells, as well as new advanced Terrain types.

What's It About: Most of the Tribes scattered across the world of Kinterlands existed harmoniously in isolation for generations, typically only convening once every six years at a great, festive gathering known as Conclave. Following a sudden and mysterious disaster that claimed the lives of nearly all the Tribes’ Elders in what came to be known as the Last Conclave, the amicable coexistence between the Tribes quickly withered into distrust and hostility. In order to defend their people and drive off threats with displays of power, three new Tribes are forced into the Conclave Wars.

Siege Command’s first expansion, The Conclave Wars brings, three new Tribes into the fray. Not only do each of these Tribes introduce asymmetric gameplay, but they also bring unique mechanics and spells that deepen the gameplay and strategy. The expansion also includes new optional Terrain types that can be used to further deepen the game’s strategy.


Ryan Collins
After working in video game development for over a decade, Ryan began to explore the world of tabletop game design. What started as a simple design prototype has grown into Ryan's first game, Siege Command, and is still continuing to expand through his comics and additional games that all take place in the world of Kinterlands.