Galefire Volume 1: Worldblight's Bounty



Creator: Michael Rookard
Category: Comic
Age Range: 12+
Vibes: Fantasy, Sci-Fantasy, Swords and Sorcery, Steampunk, Adventure, Monster Fighting

In Short: A free preview comic introducing Captain Slayde and his Crimson Corsairs as they adventure across the galefire skies of Talinoth.

What's It About: Enter the daring and dangerous world of Galefire in this 20-page preview comic! The legendary treasure hunter and monster slayer extraordinaire Captain Slayde and his Crimson Corsairs venture into a derelict Mana Siphon in search of Golden Era technology, but find more than they bargained for when they discover the demonic hordes of the Daemon Prince of Blood Butchers, Ghelthokkos, within!


Michael Rookard is an illustrator, author, and creator of the Galefire universe. He has created art for some big franchises such as Warhammer 40k and Pathfinder, but creating his own world was always the goal. Michael enjoys gaming, tabletop, and reading comics and books. He lives in Kansas with his three children and his wife, and his office is filled with collectibles, toys, and art books.