Haunted Hallways: Now in Bookstores Near You!

No, we don't mean that your local bookstore is haunted (although it might be!). We mean that Outland's latest fiction anthology, Haunted Hallways, is now available to order from Outland Entertainment or your friendly neighborhood purveyor of books. Edited by May Seleste, this anthology features Asian voices sharing tales of hauntings, dark academia, and the ghosts—metaphorical and fantastical—that follow students and faculty through their school careers.

Set over the history of the Mallory Thorne School of Excellence, these stories are snapshots of an elite academy and the horrors and miracles that dwell within. Told from the perspectives of students, staff, and faculty members, the tales are in turn hopeful and chilling. We're excited for you to join us in this haunted academy, perhaps to identify some of the ghosts that have clung to you since your own student days!

Featuring stories from:

Ai Jiang — “Introduction”
May Seleste — “Editor’s Foreword”
Audris Candra — “The Magic they Never Taught Us” (1960s—1990s)
Mirha Butt — “Twin Daggers” (1968)
Archita Mittra — “The Summoning” (1960s—1990s)
Katalina Watt — “Remain Nameless” (1990s—2000s)
Tehnuka — “Renewal Notice” (1990s—2000s)
Moachiba Jamir — “Of Mice and Pigeons" (2005)
L Chan — “Saints of Stained Glass” (2010s)
May Seleste — “Innocent Sinner” (2010s)
Mary Zambales — “Dedication” (2012)
Ashley Deng — “Behind the Eyes” (2013—2014)
Kavya Venkat — “Breaking into Finals” (2015)
Nathanael Boon — “Writing with Bite” (2020s)
Charlie Jiao — “The Housemaster's Cure” (Present day)
M.K. Sarraj — “A Memory Left Fighting” (Present day)

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