Creative Services

focus on the fun part. let us take care of the rest.

EVERY PROJECT STARTS OUT FUN. It’s thrilling to build something from your imagination and watch it take shape. But there’s a lot of tedious stuff along the way: hiring talent, hammering out contracts, fretting about deadlines, and tracking down the colorist who cashed your check and went AWOL. When you work with Outland Entertainment, we take care of all that stuff. You’ll enjoy a streamlined process with guaranteed outcomes—and you’ll have a lot more fun.

We match you with talented creators to bring your idea to life and manage your project so you can enjoy a streamlined, stress-free creative process. You’ll work directly with one of our experienced project managers who will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. You also never have to worry about the boring administrative stuff like contracts, NDA agreements, invoices, payments, and communications. We guarantee our work and honor your deadlines.

Our services


We work with dozens of professional artists. Each has their own distinct style, solid work ethic, and industry experience. Furthermore, all artists have been vetted by Outland for dependability. You’ll also have the chance to review each stage of development for your project, making sure that the artwork reflects exactly what you envisioned.


We work with a large group of reliable and experienced professional sequential artists with published comics under their belts. With a variety of artistic styles, we’re sure to find the perfect match for your project. You’ll have a chance to view and approve the whole process, from the sketch phase, to rough pencils, finished pencils, and inks. We strive to deliver exactly what you need for your project.

project management

Have a project that requires multiple creatives? We specialize in managing large and small projects that require multiple moving parts. We make it easy for you to only deal with one person instead of two, five, or ten. One creative director with experience managing creatives can help to keep your project on track creatively, consistently, and on time.

color work

Color can completely alter a black and white illustration, adding depth, atmosphere, and emotion. We work with several extremely talented colorists who have their own style and approach to color work. We can offer a cell-shaded or a more rendered approach, depending on what your project requires.


Lettering is a frequently overlooked art-form that requires an extremely professional approach. We only work with letterers who have a solid understanding of the field, the software, and have a large variety of professional credits to make sure that your project turns out perfectly.

web design

Web design is as important for your project as any other element. Often, the first step to getting your property out into the world is a website. Not only can we build you a clean, elegant website that is mobile optimized, but we can host, manage, and maintain your website as well.


Graphic design is as important for your project as any other element. In many cases, the logo is the first thing your audience sees, and it’s important to make sure it stands out, is readable, and works with your project. Additionally, we’ll work with you to match the cover, page, and overall layout of your book to your vision.


Have a project you’ve always wanted to create, but you aren’t sure where to start? We can offer helpful, honest advice for planning, publishing, and working with crowdfunding for your project based on our extensive experience. Whether it’s a comic, game, or a transmedia project, we’ll be available to answer all your questions and offer guidance.