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Editor in Chief Alana Joli Abbott takes a look at two excellent new books, Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko, and The King’s Beast from Rei Toma, that explore one of her favorite subgenres: courtly intrigue.

cover images of three middle grade fantasies

By Alana Joli Abbott In 2020, my social media feeds were full of adults who were struggling to read. With

Being Editor in Chief at Outland is only one of the hats I wear; I’m also a reader and reviewer, and I’ve been lucky enough to cover some of what I read over at Den of Geek. In summer 2019, I coined the hashtag #Stitchwitchery to describe a phenomenon that fascinated me: the combination of magic and sewing, which was explored in two current series, Rowenna Miller’s “The Unraveled Kingdom” and Elizabeth Lim’s “Blood of Stars.” When both of those series concluded this summer, there was no question I’d want to read them!