APEX Kickstarter Launch Date!

APEX Kickstarter Launch Date!

Okay folks!

We finally have news. We’re planning to launch the APEX: Collected Edition on Tuesday, December 10th. Here’s a preview of the campaign that you can check out before launch!


This is a hard date – we have everything we need to launch. Thank you for being patient with us!

And by all means, let us know your thoughts!


Shipping costs to Europe is crippling. It’s going to put many potential backers off, if you can’t find a cheaper solution.

HI just a question, the only thing I am missing is the promethian wars expansion, If I would get this kickstarter special expansion pack can you guarantee it will blend in with the original kickstarter cards?

I am looking to complete my collection. What I am MISSING is
* Promethean Wars,
* Megalodon, and
* Exotic Predators.

That’s all I need (and I paid for them all in the original Kickstarter). Can I get JUST those decks through the Kickstarter?

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