What’s In a Character’s Name?

Naming a character is like naming your first-born child. You agonize over very detail, even go so far as to pronounce the name under your breath to test the inflection. Lucky for you, you're more concerned with how it looks on paper rather than how it sounds spoken in...

4 Ways to prep for the Royal Wedding Outland Entertainment style

In addition to wearing the Editor in Chief hat here at Outland Entertainment, I also write about pop culture in enough places that I've found it useful to follow the news. While this is particularly relevant for geek news, there are some headliners you just can't...

Press Release: Blackguards Anthology Gets Facelift

Outland Entertainment is please to announce a new look and edition for the anthology Blackguards, dividing the book into two volumes and including two never-before-seen stories. Blackguards, originally published by Ragnarok Publications, was a massive volume containing stories from some of the best dark fantasy and grim dark authors in the industry…

A Letter to My Past Self

Dear Greg (in 1986), So you’ve just turned fourteen, and you’ve just entered your freshman year of high school.  I wanted to send you...well, not a pep talk, exactly.  You’ve never liked or trusted those; they’re treacherous, and too often they’ve been empty promises,...

Fighting The Voices in My Head

This article by fantasy author Melanie R. Meadors first appeared Geek Mom: Geek Speaks...Fiction! Here, Melanie tells us about how she fought the voices (of the characters) in her head…and lost. When editor Marc Tassin invited me to write for the anthology, Champions...

Outland Entertainment on the new serial, Born to the Blade

Recently, Publisher Melanie Meadors and Editor in Chief Alana Joli Abbott got together to chat about a serial they're both reading: Born to the Blade. Alana: So, Melanie, how did you feel about Born to the Blade? Melanie: Wow, I have to say, I knew it would be cool,...

Press Release: Announcing Knaves, A New Blackguards Anthology

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce they will be publishing a new collection of stories where protagonists’ moral compasses don’t always point north, and where villains are the heroes of their own stories.

Rejections: The Building Blocks of Collections by Maurice Broaddus

Short stories are my first love. As much as I enjoy writing novels and novellas, I keep coming back to short stories. That’s why my first collection, The Voices of Martyrs, means so much to me. But as I’ve reflected on the long journey in getting here, I keep coming...

Dagon’s Bones: A Lovecraft-Inspired Kickstarter Game!

Dagon's Bones A fast and fun Lovecraft-inspired dice game played in the pubs and bars of Innsmouth. Roll the Bones, pray to Dagon. Utility Games, LLC is proud to announce our first game, debuting on Kickstarter, Dagon's Bones. Dagon's Bones can be taught in minutes,...

Interview with Warlock 5 Artist, Jeffrey Edwards

From Batman to Star Wars, Jeffrey has tackled numerous fandoms. Now, he faces the Warlock 5 Grid! Did you read Warlock 5 before joining this project?  No, unfortunately I had never even heard of Warlock 5 before signing on to work on this project. I was given a .pdf...
Shotguns & Sorcery

Shotguns & Sorcery

Explore the fantasy noir campaign setting Shotguns & Sorcery.  Written by Shotguns & Sorcery authors, Matt Forbeck and Robert Schwalb, and powered by the just announced Cypher System™ from Monte Cook Games, the Shotguns & Sorcery core book allows you to defy the power of the Imperial Dragon Guard. Whether you are playing as your favorite character or unraveling their mysteries for the first time, this hardcover, 250-page core book with 70 pages of full color artwork from Jeremy Mohler includes all the rules for game play, allowing you to explore Dragon City and its outskirts as never before.

Outland Entertainment is working together with Matt Forbeck to develop his setting into a table-top role-playing game!  The Kickstarter was successfully funded in January of 2015. The book is due to be released in late 2017.

Find the novels and more information over on Matt Forbeck’s website!

Created & Written by Matt Forbeck
Cypher Rules Adapted by Robert Schwalb
Edited by Ellie Ann
Illustrated by Jeremy Mohler
Design by Edward Lavallee & Dustin Dade



Warlock 5

Warlock 5

The Grid.

A mystical nexus, a crossroads connecting all times, all realities. Along the ley lines of the Grid, the multiverse clusters.

To move along the Grid is to move from one reality to the next. To harness the power of the Grid is to harness the awesome might of creation.

Five touchstone realities exist at focal points along the Grid. From each of these realities, a Warlock is chosen to act as one of five Guardians. Savasthar, a shapeshifting dragon-like being. Doomidor, a warlord from the Dark Ages. Argon, an advanced cybernetic organism from a techno-hell.

Tanith, an ageless sorceress. Zania, a power-mad, machine gun necromancer.  Together, the Warlocks protect the Grid, thereby protecting all of space and time. They are the last line of defense against the awful forces of chaos that lurk in the darkness outside the Grid.

There’s only one problem.

They hate each other.

Created by Gordon Derry & Denis Beauvais
Written by Cullen Bunn & Jimmy Johnston
Illustrated by Jeffrey Edwards
Colors by Pedro Figue
Design by Edward Lavallee



Welcome to Nightfell; a world locked in a cycle of struggle between the forces of light and dark… or is it? Every ninety years, the world of Berun is subject to ten years of darkness when the shining eyes of the gods close and monsters boil forth from the depths below to devour all in their path. Humanity protects itself with armies made of the dead, the corpseguard, which return to life during Nightfell and stand watch over the cities and strongholds.

 It has been 89 years since the last Nightfell, and the ancient city of Kamteh has fallen under

the control of a new religious sect that believes the gods will halt the cycle of Nightfell if they destroy their corpseguard. And only the oldest living embalmer of Kamteh, Father Kast, and his two young pupils stand between this cult and the utter destruction of their city!

Created by Nicolas Giacondino
Written by Jeremy Tolbert
Illustrated by Nicolas Giacondino
Colors by Pedro Figue
Lettered by Edward Dukeshire
Produced by Steven Dudley
Logo & Design by Edward Lavallee
Cover colors by Jeremy Mohler



The emperor is dead. What’s left of the once proud Pilean Empire is under siege from enemies beyond its borders—and from within. Rival nations of Ommany, Thila, and Ud, along with the pirates of Brailee’s Steps, clamber to gain advantage in battles over the empire’s land and wealth. It is a time of war and strife, but also of discovery and opportunity. The race to control the north has driven progress in science, technology, and sorcery, all of which contribute to the chaos in their own unique ways.

But the empire only believes itself to be at the world’s center. Elsewhere, aquatic zealots plunder the seas and coasts. Young, progressive nations rise and gain power. In the untamed wilds, dark secrets and ancient ruins lie in wait. Musicians harness the power of magic through their songs.

And beyond the borders of the physical world, immortal demigods debate the fate of these chaotic mortals—and intervene at their tumultuous whims.

Life on the Pilean continent grows more interesting by the hour…

PILEAUS is an ambitious transmedia project set in a sprawling dark fantasy realm. It’s the story of a world in chaos as told by a diverse group of creators. Current components include:

  • PILEAUS: WAR IN THE NORTH, an RPG sourcebook.
  • DISGRACED, a graphic novel by Scott Colby.
  • THE UNMADE MAN, a novel by Daniel Tyler Gooden.
  • And an array of short stories and webcomics released online monthly.

Created by Jeremy Mohler, Scott Colby, & William Ward
Illustrated by Chris Yarbrough

Pathfinder Supplements

Pathfinder Supplements

Villain Codex I: Foes For Fledgling Heroes

Every good story needs an antagonist. Beowulf isn’t epic without Grendel; Harry Potter doesn’t become the Boy Who Lived without Voldemort; and without Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker is still toiling as an anonymous farmboy on Tatooine.

It’s a superior villain makes a plot memorable.

The Villain Codex I: Foes for Fledgling Heroes presents 12 exciting, memorable NPCs for players, complete with stat blocks across a range of challenge ratings (3-8) to provide GMs with combat challenges their players won’t see coming.

Developed by Swords for Hire Development
Written by Authors: Andres Bermudez, Matthew Browett, Nik Geier, Scott Janke, Mikko Kallio, Luis Loza, J.T. McRoberts, Jacob W. Michaels, Michael Riter, Andrew Umphrey, and Christopher Wasko.

Villain Codex II: Adversaries for Advanced Heroes

As characters become more powerful, so must their adversaries. Thus, Villain Codex II: Adversaries for Advanced Heroes is full of new foes for GMs to pit against their PCs.

As in Villain Codex I: Foes for Fledgling Heroes, Villain Codex II: Adversaries for Advanced Heroes presents 12 exciting, memorable NPCs for players, complete with stat blocks across a range of challenge ratings (9-14) to provide GMs with combat challenges their players won’t see coming.

Developed by Swords for Hire Development: Mikko Kallio and Jacob W. Michaels
Written by Authors: Phoebe Harris, Steve Johnson, Mikko Kallio, D.L. Loutzenhiser, Luis Loza, James McTeague, Matt Morris, Rep Pickard, Stephen Stack, Robert Thomson, Christopher Wasko, and Nicholas Wasko

Parliament of Monsters

Welcome to the Parliament of Monsters, where beasts come to meet.

Written by Nicholas Wasko & Christopher Wasko, Parliament of Monsters presents 5 new monsters to challenge players: the Aitvaras (CR 2); Linnorm, Dune (CR 12); Onyare (CR 5); Planaurochs (CR 4); and Solar Spider (CR 4).

Written by Nicholas Wasko & Christopher Wasko

Arcane Focus: Secrets of Sensory Magic

Many spellcasters know divination as the school of magic related to knowledge: divination spells can remotely explore and examine the world, foretell the future, and uncover secrets hidden by magic, deceit, and even time. Sensory wizards view “knowledge” as bits of information acquired through one’s perception of the world, inextricably linked to the senses that absorb the information and interpret its significance.

What good is a name, for instance, without ears to hear it or eyes to read it, when its meaning is lost on those unable to perceive it? To comprehend ideas and philosophies, one must first be able to experience one’s surroundings through one’s senses, the oldest and purest means of acquiring knowledge.

Within this book you will find:

  • Details of the Sensory School, a new focused arcane school option for would-be diviners.
  • Advice on the roleplay of Sensory Wizards, including characters and adventure hooks to ease the integration of the Sensory School into your campaign.
  • 4 New Spells, 3 New Magic Items, a New Racial Trait, and details on the spellbook of a Sensory Diviner.

Written by Nicholas Wasko & Christopher Wasko

Arcane Focus: The Great Bazaar

The Great Bazaar is filled with wonders from far-flung lands, from the mysterious wares that can be procured among its many shops to the extravagant shopkeepers themselves. This product includes seven different shops suitable for insertion into any bustling marketplace in a fantasy campaign. From the purveyor of exotic eggs and beasts to the contrarian collector of news and information, these characters—and the magic and secrets they have for sale—are sure to intrigue your players. The adventure hooks, items, monsters, feats, and other content can also stand alone as exciting additions to your campaign.

Development: Mike Kimmel
Designers: Jeffrey Swank, Jason Owen Black, Andrew Umphrey, Garrett Guillotte, Mark Nordheim, Jacob W. Michaels, and Matthew Browett

Arcane Focus: The Wayfarer Magics of the Vagabond Mage

The common view of wizards is that of the cloistered academic. While many wizards spend their days surrounded by ancient tomes and mystic paraphernalia, there are those who chafe at such an existence. For those wizards whose wanderlust is as strong as their thirst for knowledge, the life of the vagabond mage is very appealing. Not a defined focus so much as an underground tradition, vagabond mages are transmuters who focus on movement, preferring spells that allow them to travel quickly or to overcome the difficulties of the varied terrain they encounter.

Within this book you will find:

  • Details of the Vagabond School, a new focused arcane school option for traveling transmuters.
  • New Spells, New Magic Items, and advice on the roleplay of Vagabond Mage, including characters and adventure hooks to ease the integration of the Vagabond School into your campaign.

Written by Jason Owen Black & Douglas Schaub