The Th3rd World Studios: Orange Man & Orange Woman

Apr 15, 2013

One of the projects that we took on before work began on The Mortal Instruments for The Th3rd World Studios was a comic book for Syracuse University.

Outland was hired to handle all the art chores for two short stories that would be collected into a single comic that would be handed out or sold at the various basketball events for Syracuse University. This was definitely a departure from the kind of work that we usually do and it was a fun assignment. I can’t claim to know much about basketball, so it was certainly a little different for me.

I grabbed Scott Godlewski to handle the pencils/inks and I did the colors. We were recently asked to do a new cover as well, and I tapped Brian Koschak to handle that.

Here’s a write up about the project along with a preview of some of the lettered pages.

Here are the covers –

And here are some of the pages!

Hope you like it!


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