Explore the fantasy noir campaign setting Shotguns & Sorcery.  Written by Shotguns & Sorcery authors, Matt Forbeck and Robert Schwalb, and powered by the just announced Cypher System™ from Monte Cook Games, the Shotguns & Sorcery core book allows you to defy the power of the Imperial Dragon Guard. Whether you are playing as your favorite character or unraveling their mysteries for the first time, this hardcover, 250-page core book with 70 pages of full color artwork from Jeremy Mohler includes all the rules for game play, allowing you to explore Dragon City and its outskirts as never before.

Outland Entertainment is working together with Matt Forbeck to develop his setting into a table-top role-playing game!  The Kickstarter was successfully funded in January of 2015. The book is due to be released in late 2017.

Find the novels and more information over on Matt Forbeck’s website!

Created & Written by Matt Forbeck
Cypher Rules Adapted by Robert Schwalb
Edited by Ellie Ann
Illustrated by Jeremy Mohler
Design by Edward Lavallee & Dustin Dade