What’s In a Character’s Name?

Naming a character is like naming your first-born child. You agonize over very detail, even go so far as to pronounce the name under your breath to test the inflection. Lucky for you, you're more concerned with how it looks on paper rather than how it sounds spoken in...

4 Ways to prep for the Royal Wedding Outland Entertainment style

In addition to wearing the Editor in Chief hat here at Outland Entertainment, I also write about pop culture in enough places that I've found it useful to follow the news. While this is particularly relevant for geek news, there are some headliners you just can't...

Press Release: Blackguards Anthology Gets Facelift

Outland Entertainment is please to announce a new look and edition for the anthology Blackguards, dividing the book into two volumes and including two never-before-seen stories. Blackguards, originally published by Ragnarok Publications, was a massive volume containing stories from some of the best dark fantasy and grim dark authors in the industry…

A Letter to My Past Self

Dear Greg (in 1986), So you’ve just turned fourteen, and you’ve just entered your freshman year of high school.  I wanted to send you...well, not a pep talk, exactly.  You’ve never liked or trusted those; they’re treacherous, and too often they’ve been empty promises,...

Fighting The Voices in My Head

This article by fantasy author Melanie R. Meadors first appeared Geek Mom: Geek Speaks...Fiction! Here, Melanie tells us about how she fought the voices (of the characters) in her head…and lost. When editor Marc Tassin invited me to write for the anthology, Champions...

Outland Entertainment on the new serial, Born to the Blade

Recently, Publisher Melanie Meadors and Editor in Chief Alana Joli Abbott got together to chat about a serial they're both reading: Born to the Blade. Alana: So, Melanie, how did you feel about Born to the Blade? Melanie: Wow, I have to say, I knew it would be cool,...

Press Release: Announcing Knaves, A New Blackguards Anthology

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce they will be publishing a new collection of stories where protagonists’ moral compasses don’t always point north, and where villains are the heroes of their own stories.

Rejections: The Building Blocks of Collections by Maurice Broaddus

Short stories are my first love. As much as I enjoy writing novels and novellas, I keep coming back to short stories. That’s why my first collection, The Voices of Martyrs, means so much to me. But as I’ve reflected on the long journey in getting here, I keep coming...

Dagon’s Bones: A Lovecraft-Inspired Kickstarter Game!

Dagon's Bones A fast and fun Lovecraft-inspired dice game played in the pubs and bars of Innsmouth. Roll the Bones, pray to Dagon. Utility Games, LLC is proud to announce our first game, debuting on Kickstarter, Dagon's Bones. Dagon's Bones can be taught in minutes,...

Interview with Warlock 5 Artist, Jeffrey Edwards

From Batman to Star Wars, Jeffrey has tackled numerous fandoms. Now, he faces the Warlock 5 Grid! Did you read Warlock 5 before joining this project?  No, unfortunately I had never even heard of Warlock 5 before signing on to work on this project. I was given a .pdf...

N0.1R is a classic hardboiled detective story set in a city populated entirely by robots. Reminiscent of Frank Miller’s famous SIN CITY, N0.1R takes place in an urban landscape where crime is king and the technological overlords are working furiously to remove all sign of organic life. The influence of G.0D, a central computer to which the city’s inhabitants back themselves up everyday, is as powerful as it is mysterious.

The beautiful Isabella Ironhide’s husband is missing and she’s being stalked by a giant robot two stories tall. She knows the two problems are somehow connected, but the police refuse to believe her. With nowhere else to turn, she heads for the wrong side of town to hire Detective Hammer, a down-on-his-luck former cop with just the sort of shady underworld connections she needs.

Isabella’s towering stalker attacks Hammer’s office almost before she can finish her story. The detective fends the behemoth off

with a lucky shot and acquires a broken piece of its eye.

Evidence in hand, the pair seeks the council of Hammer’s shady contacts who frequent the only place such a robot could’ve come from: the dense junkyard of old bots surrounding the city. Their investigation will reveal truths about Isabella’s missing husband, G.0D, and organic life that neither of the pair ever could’ve imagined.

Presented as a graphic novel, N0.1R marries old school whodunnits with modern existential science fiction. It’s packed with a truly original setting, surprising twists and turns, and gorgeous artwork. Fans of 100 BULLETS, atmospheric detective stories, and unique comic books will love N0.1R.

Created by Nicolas Giacondino & Scott Colby
Written by Scott Colby
Illustrated by Nicolas Giacondino
Colored by Andy Poole
Design by Edward Lavallee