Fantasy Flight Games: Netrunner

May 15, 2013

At some point last year,

Mike Hamlett was hip-deep in some work for me and he’d gotten notified about Fantasy Flight Games putting out a call for art for their upcoming Netrunner game. He let me know that they were looking for illustrators and it just so happens that, well, I had some illustrators that were available.

I have to admit – I’ve known of FFG for quite a while, even played some of their games, but I’d never had much contact with the company since I’m not a painter and they tend to only use fully painted artwork. But, it happened that the artwork for their new game was being approached with more of a comic style (basically meaning that they were using some lines as opposed to fully rendered paintings without lines).

I immediately contacted them and squared away some illustrations.

Below you can see some of the illustrations that we did for the game. I worked with Mike Hamlett, Pedro Figue, and Cesar Diaz on these.

It was a good experience and I enjoyed working with their AD, Zoe Robinson. I even got to meet her out at Spectrum Live! last year, and she was extremely nice. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to work with them some more!


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