Baeg Tobar Sketches

Baeg Tobar Sketches

Hello folks!

One thing that I’m going to be doing is moving my own personal projects and blogs over to the Outland Entertainment site.  I won’t be pulling any of the old blogs down off my site, but from here on out I’ll be moving any posting over here.

With that said, I’m resurrecting some old images I did several years ago for the old Baeg Tobar project.  I always liked these, though they never saw the light of day.  They were also some of the first images I completed using my Cintiq 21UX.  I was impressed and excited about the flexibility drawing on the screen and directly into Photoshop gave me.  I’m also a big fan of landscapes, so getting to work with landscapes in general was a lot of fun too.

I don’t post many of my rough drawings, so here’s a chance to see some of my very rough work.

These were meant to be header images for the old Baeg Tobar site, hence the reason for the horizontal format.  Additionally, they were meant to just be sketches that I handed over to an artist to finish off.  In this case, I commissioned Nicolas Giacondino, and he did the final linework.

I think Nic did a pretty good job staying true to the original sketches that I completed.

Anyway, I hope we find a use for these at some point – it’s a shame that we never used them!  They were fun to work on!


3 Devils

3 Devils

I believe it’s been nearly two years now, but I had the good fortune of meeting Bo Hampton down at Wizard World Austin in 2012.

I remember growing up and looking at comics Bo and his brother Scott created (specifically Viking Glory), so it was a real pleasure to meet Bo.  I recall that Bo was sitting and drawing by himself, so I immediately ran over and grabbed my portfolio to get a critique!  Bo was very gracious – he made some great observations which I’ve tried hard to incorporate them into my work since then.  During the critique we got to talking and Bo had some questions for me regarding digital colors, which I admit was a bit of a thrill to be able to talk about the craft and help Bo as well.

Here are a couple promo pieces we worked on together as well as the cover to issue one.

When I got back home from Texas, I had an email in my inbox from Bo and we bounced a couple emails back and forth regarding digital color.

Fast forward a bit and Bo started posting some images for a new project he’d been working on, a supernatural western called 3 Devils.  I love westerns, especially when there is a twist like supernatural elements.  I immediately reached out to him and asked if he might need a colorist?  Initially he declined, but changed his mind later and asked if I was available for some color work?  Immediately I said yes.

Below are six pages from the first issue.

We’ve been working together pretty closely on this and Bo has had a lot of really great input in regard to the color.  And it’s been a great deal of fun working with him and over his lines – his ability to spot blacks and tell a story visually is just amazing.  It’s been a real pleasure to work on this project!

Additionally, the series has been picked up by IDW, the first issue of nine will premiere April of 2015.  I can’t wait!


Norseman Colors

Norseman Colors

A big project I worked on last year was with a fellow named Henrik Jonsson and his graphic novel project The Norseman (scroll down to see pages).

Henrik is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School, where I attended from 1999-2001.  I have fond memories of my first year at the JKS and I generally keep an eye out for talent coming out of the school.  I’m not sure how, exactly, I ended up on this project, whether it was from an inquiry for work through Outland or whether I responded to a possible call for colorists, but I knew from the moment I saw Henrik’s work that I’d love to work with him on something.

There’s something quite stunning about his work and his use of blacks and I had a ball coloring pages.  I think to date we’ve completed almost 70 pages – a graphic novel and a short story.  These were released in sections through Fantomet in Norway.  We’re hoping to bring the series over here (to the US), but we’re still working out the details on that.

As it stands, it looks like we’ll be doing a short story this summer and next year another graphic novel set in the world of The Norseman.  I’m also scheduled to do a pin-up, which I really need to find the time to get done!

It’s a fun story I’m seriously proud to have been involved in.  Hope you like some of the samples!

The above are samples from the last short story that we completed!