Hello folks!

One thing that I’m going to be doing is moving my own personal projects and blogs over to the Outland Entertainment site.  I won’t be pulling any of the old blogs down off my site, but from here on out I’ll be moving any posting over here.

With that said, I’m resurrecting some old images I did several years ago for the old Baeg Tobar project.  I always liked these, though they never saw the light of day.  They were also some of the first images I completed using my Cintiq 21UX.  I was impressed and excited about the flexibility drawing on the screen and directly into Photoshop gave me.  I’m also a big fan of landscapes, so getting to work with landscapes in general was a lot of fun too.

I don’t post many of my rough drawings, so here’s a chance to see some of my very rough work.

These were meant to be header images for the old Baeg Tobar site, hence the reason for the horizontal format.  Additionally, they were meant to just be sketches that I handed over to an artist to finish off.  In this case, I commissioned Nicolas Giacondino, and he did the final linework.

I think Nic did a pretty good job staying true to the original sketches that I completed.

Anyway, I hope we find a use for these at some point – it’s a shame that we never used them!  They were fun to work on!